Nepal Observes Protein Day 2023: Right to Protein Launches Protein-O-Meter

Nepal Observes Protein Day 2023: Right to Protein Launches Protein-O-Meter

KATHMANDU: Nepal has joined the global community in observing Protein Day 2023, and to mark the occasion, Right to Protein, a public health awareness initiative, has launched Nepal's first-ever protein calculator, called Protein-O-Meter.

This tool, accessible through the Right to Protein website, is aimed at helping citizens calculate their daily protein requirement based on their body profile and type of lifestyle. By providing detailed information on the food consumed at different times of the day, the Protein-O-Meter can assess the protein content of local Nepalese cuisines and dishes, such as moong dal bara, sekuwa, gundruk sadheko, bethe ko saagat, among others. The tool aims to showcase the protein gap in one's diet and serve as a reminder to all citizens to be aware of their protein goals and consume one-fourth of their protein in every meal.

Protein deficiency remains a major health concern globally, and experts in Nepal have emphasized the need for awareness of protein-rich foods and the benefits they offer. Protein-O-Meter is expected to help drive self-awareness and behavior change among citizens.

This year, Protein Day's theme is 'Easy Access to Protein for All.' It aims to draw attention to the accessibility of protein-rich foods and encourage citizens to learn more about the many protein food choices available. The day will drive nutritional education programs on protein across various platforms in the country, including social media-led mass awareness, supported by like-minded individuals, brands, organizations, experts, associations, and more.

Citizens are encouraged to celebrate Protein Day and join the movement towards a more nutritionally secure world.

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